Mr. Sami Ur Rahman is the first principal of Modern school system. who is young postgraduate of Management, self-motivated, confident and full of management skills. During his Management, Modern school system shows impressive output, both in curriculum and co-curriculum activities. His planning and adorable organising skills leads the system to a well familiar school system in the district. Nowadays, MSS is a leading school system in the emerging schools.

Board of Directors

The governance body of Modern school system consist on 9 members, including 4 independent directors. The board of director evaluate the progress of the school on monthly basis, in order to ensure quality education. The board elect chairman of directors on voting basis. the board of director make Final decision in the regard of school policy amendment or new rules making for the betterment of school system. owing to ensure corporate governance, the board is free from any pressure in the regard of making decision.

Board of Directors:
Mr. Younis (Chairman of BOD)
Mr. Bilal Ahmed (Executive Director)
Mr.Sahib Sardar (Executive Director Marketing)
Mr Sami ur Rahman (Executive Director Planning and Development)
Mr. Muzafar shah (Executive Director of curriculum)
Mr. Nasrullah ((Executive Director of Curriculum))
Mr. Muhammad Saeed (Director)
Mr. Mazhar Danyal (Director)
Mr. Aziz ur Razaq (Director)

Curriculum of the School

Modern School System follows Afaq Sun Series in all classes. AFAQ Sun Series is an innovative research-based programe grounded in the natural world in which we live. The series is equipped with all essential elements needed to motivate and empower young minds to develop scientific knowledge, skills and attitudes. As a value-oriented programme it intends the students to become optimistically active members of the society.
The series covers topics on life science, physical science and earth & space science. Each book in the series presents an attractive layout and high quality photographs & illustrations that arouse curiosity, capture attention and aid understanding of science concepts. It is activity-based and encourages students to gain knowledge by doing science.
Moreover, the staff is perfectly trained about teaching AFAQ Sun Series by AFAQ trainere. School arranges two sessions every year for getting train and to keep up-to date all the staff of Modern School System. AFAQ provides its training services at your door steps. AFAQ Training consists of highly committed, vastly experienced, and well trained Teacher Educators struggling to provide effective teacher trainings to improve the standard of teaching. AFAQ Training Division has also acquired the services of notable and well-reputed educationists and resource personnel to take their expertise in Teacher Training Program.
In addition to, School strongly focus to develop and build-up students ethically and morally. For that, school management decided from very beginning to designed outlines from Islamic books. Currently, the school also include Seriat-e-Nabavi in compulsory subjects.

Curriculum of the School

The students playing different games including Cricket, Football and so many other games in sport weeks. The students are getting trained for social activities in the form of small societies to contribute in society well-being and social responsibility.