Board of Directors

The governance body of Modern school system consist on 9 members, including 4 independent directors. The board of director evaluate the progress of the school on monthly basis, in order to ensure quality education. The board elect chairman of directors on voting basis. the board of director make Final decision in the regard of school policy amendment or new rules making for the betterment of school system. owing to ensure corporate governance, the board is free from any pressure in the regard of making decision.

Board of Directors:
Mr. Younis (Chairman of BOD)
Mr. Bilal Ahmed (Executive Director)
Mr.Sahib Sardar (Executive Director Marketing)
Mr Sami ur Rahman (Executive Director Planning and Development)
Mr. Muzafar shah (Executive Director of curriculum)
Mr. Nasrullah ((Executive Director of Curriculum))
Mr. Muhammad Saeed (Director)
Mr. Mazhar Danyal (Director)
Mr. Aziz ur Razaq (Director)

List of Teachers

S.No Name Qualification Position
1 Md Younis MA English Teacher
2 Irfan Ullah BSCS Teacher
3 Zaheer Abas BS Maths Teacher
4 Md Irshad MA Islamyat Teacher
5 Naseem Ullah MA Islamyat Teacher
6 Abdullah BSc Teacher
7 Zia Ullah BSc Teacher
8 Nabeel BSc Teacher
9 Fayaz MA Political Teacher